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Women's Community League of Weston
Building Community Since 1919

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Our History

100 Years of Commitment and Service to the Weston Community

WCL delivers in challenging times…
  • In 1925 a milk program was established for needy children in the public schools
  • This was followed by support for a hot lunch program in 1929
  • WCL awarded its first academic scholarship of $150 in 1930 
  • In 1939 members sewed and knitted garments for refugees
  • A $3000 Welfare Fund in 1940 was not insignificant given the average price of a home at the time was $2600 
  • In 1942 the Clothing Exchange began and remained robust through 2018
  • A War Scholarship Fund for Nurses in 1945 was right for the times
  • Events of 2001 prompted contribution to the American Red Cross Disaster Fund
  • Hurricane Relief funds were granted in 2011

And in better times WCL is always there for the community…

  • In 1976 WCL contributed $65K for building improvements at the Josiah Smith Tavern
  • In 1984 it funded the $20K kitchen renovation in the Barn
  • Further landscape and building improvements of $17K were made in 1987
  • Over $35K was given by WCL to help build the Weston Public Library in 1989
  • Academic scholarships have been awarded every year since 1930
  • In 2018 the Winter Festival was created to bring the community together 
  • Total scholarship and community project contribution by WCL over time exceeds $1.3 million